Uncharted 3 Release Date 1/11/11

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If you too have a husband, boyfriend or family member who is glued to computer games on a regular basis then over the years you may have heard of the game ‘Uncharted’ mentioned once or twice. This game is exclusive to the Sony Playstation 3 and Uncharted is soon to become a trilogy in November 2011.

Following on from its predecessors Drakes Fortune & Among Thieves, Uncharted 3 – Drakes Deception is set to be an absolute epic. Nathan Drake the main character is voiced by Nolan North an American voice over artist and is a fortune hunter who is led on a journey into the heart of the Arabian Desert to search for a lost city, the fabled Atlantis of the Sands. He and his mentor Victor Sullivan voiced by Richard McGonagle are catapulted into a complex web of lies and treachery as the battle to escape the clutches of a ruthless organisation headed by their ruthless leader Katherine Marlow. Rosalind Ayres provides the voiceover for Katherine Marlow and brings a very sinister tone to this character which is equal in my opinion to any good Bond villain. The rumours are that Jason Statham also has a voiceover part in this game but this is yet to be confirmed on imdb. This is a mystery at the moment, many web blogs do say that the character, who is the bodyguard of Katherine Marlow, not only sounds like Jason Statham but is also modelled on him. When you watch the trailer below look out for this character and let me know what you think ?

There is also a whole list of amazing voiceovers in this game, Emily Rose, Claudia Black & Graham McTavish who along with an amazing soundtrack really does bring the atmosphere of this game right to your living room. I have to say that as a child I was very interested in the Indiana Jones films and Nathan Drake is a very similar character. Not only does he go on epic adventures but Nolan North delivers charm and quick wit to the character and at times is also very funny, I can completely understand why my husband and his friends get so absorbed by the dialogue & gameplay.

Naughty Dog who are the company behind the Uncharted trilogy have claimed that the graphical techniques used in Uncharted 3 are a game changer and will certainly raise the bar in the future for games of this genre.

Sony have given Uncharted 3 a release date of 1st November 2011 so i’ll get prepared to spend a few evenings watching this game and its story unfold, here is the cinematic trailer for the game ….. Enjoy !!


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