PLAZA – An exhibition by Oliver Herbert & Edward Simpson

Hi everyone, what an amazing week I had last week.

I attended an exhibition for the launch of Plaza at Shipton Street Gallery, London, E2. a collaborative project between London based artists Oliver Herbert and Edward Simpson. Two fabulous guys who were such a pleasure to work with, I provided the audio piece for their exhibition.

The exhibition Plaza will form the basis for two exhibitions in 2011, one in Chong Qing China and the other in London. Ed Simpson is a London based artist utilising objects and thoughts that have a profound effect on him to create works covering a diverse range of media. Oliver Herbert uses the glossy and glamorous visual language of fashion, his work lures the viewer in with shiny and sparkly materials only to surprise them with darker themes.

This project was a first for me, and I was very excitied to be asked to record the script, it was a great piece to read describing a journey through the Westfield shopping centre, the script really takes you there, definitely a place to visit ladies! If you would like to see more of the exhibition please visit PLAZA – An exhibition by Oliver Herbert & Edward Simpson

If you want to have a listen to the audio piece i recorded you can listen to it here on you tube :

On a more personal note I am pleased to announce that baby number four is on the way. All is well so far, and everyone in the Carter household is very excited, you never know we could have a house full of actor / voice over artists in the future !

Well Spring seems to have well and truly sprung here in Sussex so i’m off to enjoy the good weather, thanks for reading, bye for now ….

Kelly :)

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